According to NEC news, APCN-2 consortium has awarded NEC the supply agreement for the APCN-2 upgrade project in 2013, and the APCN-2 cable system will be deployed for the first time  with 100Gbps DWDM technology. The phase of APCN-2 upgrade is expected to be completed by Q1 2014.

 The APCN2 system, with over 19,000km of cable, connects 10 landing stations in the Asia Pacific region and was originally designed with 10Gbps DWDM technology. The system was later upgraded with NEC's 40Gbps in 2011. For this latest upgrade, NEC is implementing its state-of-the-art digital coherent technology in order to achieve 100Gbps wavelengths, a dramatic enhancement and expansion to the existing APCN-2 capacity. NEC estimates that by adding 100Gb/s wavelengths, the cable's capacity can be enlarged by as much as 10 times its original design capacity of 2.56Tbps.

APCN-2 cable map

 The APCN-2 100G upgrade is expected to be completed by Q1, 2014.