Liquid Intelligent Technologies (Liquid) has announced it has acquired a fibre pair on the Equiano subsea cable, allowing Liquid to transport traffic up to 12 Terabits, bringing a much-needed increase in international connectivity in Western and Southern Africa.

The Equiano subsea cable has landings planned in Sesimbra (Portugal), Lomé (Togo), Lagos (Nigeria), Swakopmund (Namibia), Rupert’s Bay (Saint Helena) and Melkbosstrand (South Africa), with more landing stations planned in the future. The move extends Liquid’s One Africa Digital Network’s reach into Africa, providing connectivity to large data centres on the continent while granting access to major commercial hubs. Liquid plans to interconnect the Equiano landing stations to its East-West network across Africa, creating a new global IP route between Asia, Africa and the USA.

Liquid obtained a license issued by the Congolese Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (ARPTC) to build a subsea cable landing station in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Liquid, in a partnership with Google, will land the Equiano subsea cable at the new cable landing station in Muanda, DRC.

In additional to partnering with Google on the Equiano cable system, Liquid partners with Facebook to build a long-haul and metro terrestrial fiber network that will connect the Central part of DRC to its Eastern border with Rwanda. In turn, Facebook and Liquid’s terrestrial fiber network will extend the reach of the 2Africa undersea cable and connect it to the cable landing station in Muanda.

The Equiano cable system landed in Togo in March 2022, as its first stop and landing in Africa. And the Equiano cable system is expected to be ready for service later in 2022. 

Liquid Network Map
Liquid Network Map
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