The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) cable system puts into commercial service the last segment linking Europe, West Africa and South Africa as of June 1st, 2021. and increases design capacity of the entire system to 20Tbps.

ACE Cable System
ACE Cable System


MTN (Pty) Ltd is the landing party in South Africa for the ACE cable system, lands the ACE cable at its Duynefontein Cable Landing Station. And the ACE cable system will be extended to Terraco CT1 data center in CapeTown to offer PoP-PoP connectivity.

Being the landing party in South Africa for the 2Africa cable system, MTN will land the 2Africa cable system at Duynefontein Cable Landing Station as well.

The ACE cable system consists of two fiber pairs, with an intial design capacity of 5.12 Tbps using 40 Gbps DWDM technology. Its phase 1 project connecting São Tomé and Príncipe northwards to France put into service in December 2012.

With this extension of more than 4 000 kms, the ACE cable system now covers a total distance of 17,000 kms and connects 20 countries, with PoP-to-PoP connections in Paris, Lisbon, and Cape Town.

Furthermore, the design capacity of the entire system also increases to 20 Tbps, capable of offering 100Gbps connections.