TransTeleCom (TTK) won a tender to provide two more 100 Gbps Eurasia links for China Unicom Global in Decmember 2019. Together, TTK has provided 5x100Gbps to China Unicom Global over the Eurasia terrestrial cables. Chinese carriers are pushing more traffic over the Eurasia terrestiral cable routes.

The two new 100G channels will run over the low latency ERMC route from China and Mongolia border to Moscow and Frankfurt am main respectively.

Earlier in 2019, TransTeleCom already provided China Unicom Global with three 100Gbps. One from the border of China and Mongolia  to Moscow, and the other two to Frankfurt am Main.

Together with other 100G links over the other Eurasia terrestiral cable routes via Kazakhstan, China Unicom Global might have activated nearly 1Tbps bandwidth over Eurasia terrestrial cable routes. 

Other Chinese carriers would have taken silimar measures to activate 100G links over Eurasia terrestrial cable routes. In fact, China Telecom activated its first 100G link connecting data points across Asia to Frankfurt in the end of 2017, provided by TransTeleCom (TTK) via the cross border interconnection at Russian Zabaikalsk and Chinese Manchuria (Manzhouli).

It demonstrates a strong trend that Chinese traffic is going westerwads to Europe.