TI Sparkle, the International Services arm of Telecom Italia Group, announced on January 12, 2016 a long term investment of over USD 300 million for the realization of a new network system based on three fiber pairs out of the total six pairs composing Seabras-1. Seabras-1 is the only submarine cable system directly connecting Sao Paulo, Brazil, to New York, USA, that will go in full operation by 2017 with an initial design capacity of 72 Terabytes.

Built with the best technologies available today and designed to reduce latency and increase reliability with respect to all other existing systems in the region, Seabras-1 will support the fast growing demand of capacity originating in South America, especially Brazil, along the South to North America route, one of the most relevant IP traffic streams globally which records yearly growth rates of over 35%* and contributes over 30%* of the global market value.

In addition to the three express fiber pairs connecting Wall, New Jersey, US, to Praia Grande, Brazil, TI Sparkle’s investment includes a Branch Unit in Fortaleza, Brazil and a protected backhaul between New York and Miami to connect Seabras-1 to existing proprietary infrastructure, thus ensuring full network resiliency with top service quality.

“Seabras is one of the largest one-time infrastructural investment made by Sparkle”, says Alessandro Talotta, Chairman and CEO of TI Sparkle, “which will make us by far leader in the Americas wholesale market supported by the largest, most advanced and reliable network in the Region. We are witnessing a surge of high capacity deals and with this latest investment we are fullly able to cater to this new demand, typically coming from OTTs and Content Providers”, continues Alessandro Talotta.

“Last but not least, with Seabras we are able to hold onto our top ranking position as best IP quality route between North and South America for quite some time and continue to satisfy the lower latency needs of specific segments like financial institutions and the gaming industry by providing a private IP connection type of quality on the public internet”, concludes Talotta.

“We are very pleased to further enhance our long-term relationship with Sparkle as part of our deployment of Seabras-1”, says Larry Schwartz, Chairman and CEO of Seaborn Networks. “This new system, on one of the world’s most important transoceanic routes, will help to accelerate broadband development for Brazil and other South American countries.”

Through Seabras-1 and the backhaul extensions from cable landing points to main PoPs in New York and Sao Paulo, TI Sparkle will also provide easy onward connectivity to rest of world since the New York metropolitan area is an international gateway to Europe, the Middle East and Africa via trans-Atlantic cables, and will enable high speed routes to the West coast of the US to connect to Asia via trans-Pacific cables.

In addition Seabras-1 ensures highest reliability as it will maintain a lower number of active system elements, thereby reducing the probability of system failure. By offering direct connectivity between Sao Paulo and New York together with onward connectivity and reliability, TI Sparkle is a compelling choice for carriers, content providers, and any other player that values a direct, low latency route between Brazil and the United States.

Source: Seaborn Networks