According to Equinix, GlobeNet, owned by Brazilian investment bank BTG Pactual, has contracted Equinix to provide datacenter services for the Malbec cable system that connects Brazil and Argentina. Under the deal, GlobeNet will deploy additional points-of-presence (PoPs) at Equinix SP2 and SP4 datacenters in São Paulo, Brazil, and increase Malbec's interconnection reach.

Malbec cable system is jointly invested by GlobeNet and Facebook, with a total cable length of about 2,500km, linking Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Buenos Aires.

Malbec has redundant backhauls in Las Toninas (Buenos Aires) and Praia Grande (Brazil), as well as points of presence (PoPs) in Buenos Aires and São Paulo. In Brazil, Malbec includes an underwater route between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, both with direct connections to Fortaleza in Brazil’s northeast.

Connecting seamlessly with existing GlobeNet cable system, the Malbec+GlobeNet cable systems creates a seamless connectivity from Argentina to the United States.

Additionally, the interconnection of Tannat and Monet cable systems and the interconnection of TannatJunior and Brusa cable systems form another two major routes connecting Argentina to the United States.