Globenet announced that customers from Argentina, Colombia, and the United States have been activated on its new MALBEC submarine cable system. Customers can now enjoy the large capacity, high availability, and low latency rates this system provides. Malbec connects the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, and is ready to support a future connection with Porto Alegre, in the south of Brazil.

This new system, which includes brand-new landing stations that are fully independent from previously existing ones, uses the most recent data transfer and submarine cable technology, allowing Globenet to provide 400 Gbps individual transport services between Argentina and the rest of the continent. The initial available capacity of the Malbec system is from 108 Tbps

Malbec has an extension of 2,600 kilometers, which in addition to Globenet’s existing network reach a total of 26,000 kilometers, connecting the main cities of the United States, Colombia, Venezuela, Bermuda, Brazil, and Argentina.  

Malbec also includes a new submarine route between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, which improves the availability of transport and IP transit services between those cities. This is an alternate route to the existing terrestrial connections and becomes 100% redundant thanks to its integration with Globenet’s network.

Malbec interconnects Globenet’s existing Points of Presence (PoPs) in Miami and New York directly to the new PoPs in Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. These new PoPs have redundant terrestrial routes with the new landing stations in Praia Grande and Las Toninas, respectively.

Malbec has redundant backhauls in Las Toninas (Buenos Aires) and Praia Grande (Brazil), as well as points of presence (PoPs) in Buenos Aires and São Paulo. In Brazil, Malbec includes an underwater route between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, both with direct connections to Fortaleza in Brazil’s northeast.

Connecting seamlessly with existing GlobeNet cable system, the Malbec+GlobeNet cable systems creates a seamless connectivity from Argentina to the United States.

Malbec allows direct access to the largest content providers over the Internet and the main traffic exchange points in the world for ISPs, Carriers, and OTTs in Latin America. Moreover, Malbec also allows companies from all over the world to connect with local Internet Service Providers in Argentina.  

The Malbec cable system is co-owned by GlobeNet and Facebook. 


GlobeNet+Malbec Cable Systems
GlobeNet+Malbec Cable Systems, Source: GlobeNet