Angola Cables hosted its Data Gathering Meeting (DGM) at Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC '15) on Tuesday, January 20. At this DGM, Angola Cables updated the latest progress about the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) and Monet submarine cable network (COTA).

The Monet network is also called the Cable Of The Americas (COTA), connecting Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil to Miami in the USA, built by a consortium comprising of Algar Telecom (Brazil), Angola Cables (Angola), Antel (Uruguay) and Google. The COTA Supply Contract with TE SubCom was signed on 9th August 2014 and Contract In Force (CIF) on 8th Oct 2014.

COTA cable map

Key facts about the Monet network (COTA):

Landing Points

- Boca Raton Florida (USA)

- Fortaleza (Brazil)

- Santos (Brazil)

Cable length: 10500 km

Fiber pairs : 6


- 100x100Gbps over the express link between Miami and Santos

- 120x100Gbps over the links from Boca Raton to Fortaleza, and Fortaleza to Santos.  

Angola Cables own two dedicated fiber pair on the COTA.

The Monet network (COTA) is expected to be ready for service in the end of 2016.