According to Capacity media, Internexa signs agreement to use Telefónica’s BRUSA submarine cable infrastructure which will expand its network and improve its capabilities in the Americas. The long-term agreement contemplates the acquisition by Internexa of rights to use fractions of pairs of dark fiber on Telefónica’s submarine cable BRUSA.

Commenting on Internexa’s strategic priorities for Latin America in 2016, Arbey Gómez, chief strategy officer, told Capacity: “Even though for 2016 we will continue delivering a reliable value offer for telecommunications companies, we’ll strength our presence in the US (due to the fact that we have now direct access to this market with our own submarine cable infrastructure in SAM-1, PCCS and BRUSA) so that we can help the OTTs arrive to Latin America generating profit from day 1, using our open network for all players.”

For its part, these new infrastructures will allow Internexa to connect Brazil and Colombia with the United States and to expand its fibre optic network from 30,000 km to 60,000 km, promoting bandwidth development in the region. They will also reinforce Internexa as a Tier-1 telecommunications company in the region.

The agreement comes a week after Telefónica announced the deployment of its largest infrastructure asset investment in more than a decade, BRUSA, a new submarine cable nearly 11,000 km in length linking Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Brazil) with San Juan (Puerto Rico) and Virginia Beach (USA), which is expected to begin operations in early 2018.