Telxius announced to extend its ultrahigh capacity subsea cable Tikal to land in Cancun (Mexico). Tikal was announced jointly by Telxius and America Movil in January 2023 to connect Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) to Boca Raton (United States). Telxius will now lead independently, on its own, the extension project to Cancun and the related supply contract is already in force with ASN.

In January 2023, Telxius and América Móvil announced the deployment of a new ultrahigh capacity subsea cable to link Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) with Boca Raton (US). The subsea cable system is named AMX3 by América Móvil and Tikal by Telxius, with an initial estimated capacity of 190 Tbps.

According to Telxius' latest announcement, Tikal's main trunk will launch with an initial estimated capacity of 380 Tbps, doubling the initial capacity announced earlier.

Tikal Cancun Extension
Telxius extends Tikal subsea cable system to Cancun Extension


Tikal will serve a key route in the Caribbean with the highest levels of service, reliability and security. The estimated Ready For Service (RFS) date is mid-2026. This next-generation cable will now land in Mexico through the extension to Cancun. There is an option to extend it further to Barranquilla (Colombia).

The extension demonstrates Telxius’ continuous commitment to providing state-of-the-art, digital infrastructure in the Caribbean and throughout the Americas. 

The Telxius network spans over 100,000 km of terrestrial and subsea fiber including seven next-generation systems: Marea, Brusa, Dunant, Tannat, Junior, Mistral and soon Tikal. Marea and Dunant extend the network across the Atlantic, the other five land in Latin America. The Telxius network has been designed to connect the main digital data hubs on both sides of the Atlantic with a multiterabit set of new next-generation subsea cables fully serving the Americas and Europe while enhancing Telxius’ traditional routes.