ACA International LLC announced on May 6, 2018 the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with South Atlantic Express International Ltd (SAEx) to be the landing party and neutral co-location service providor in Virginia Beach, Virginia for the main trunk of the submarine cable SAEx between South Africa and the US.

The US landing is a planned capability of SAEx providing a direct link between South Africa and the US. With it, the SAEx system will land in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This will provide additional capacity to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth-hungry markets with ultra-broadband access around the Atlantic, as well as enhance the role of digital connectivity in regional economic development.

The 72 Tbit/s SAEx will be the only system connecting South Africa directly to the US, and combined with a fibre pair link via a partner system from Fortaleza, will offer a truly diverse trans-Atlantic network, with a planned second phase from South Africa to Asia.

SAEx Cable Map

Joel Ogren, CEO at ACA International, said: “The addition of SAEx to our open and neutral cable landing station is significant as it provides a direct link to both South Africa and LATAM into our new Digital Port in Virginia Beach. The SAEx system will fulfill a long-standing need of the markets of Southern Africa, US, and LATAM for connectivity in the Atlantic basin by interconnecting with existing and planned submarine cable systems in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The collaboration with SAEx and the deployment of the SAEx subsea cable system will enable us to foster cost-effective high-speed broadband connectivity between Southern Africa and the Americas.”

Dr. Rosalind Thomas, MD of SAEx International, said: “Extending SAEx to the United States will boost access to the worldwide infrastructure, opening up traffic diversity to increase access and service reliability as demand from consumers and businesses alike grows rapidly. We are pleased to be collaborating with ACA International in the expansion of services and Page 2 of 2 applications that are enabled by high-bandwidth networks, and which are a catalyst for economic and social progress. ”

ABOUT ACA International, LLC

ACA International, LLC. is headquartered in Vint Hill, Virginia (USA) and provides personnel and services to support the global telecom industry. In addition, the company designs/builds/operates critical infrastructure facilities including cable landing stations and Tier III/IV neutral co-location facilities. For more information on ACA International and the Virginia Beach, Virginia Cable Landing Station and neutral Co-Location services, please visit


SAEx International Ltd, based in Mauritius with a subsidiary company (SAEx SA (Pty) Ltd) in South Africa, is building the South Atlantic Express (SAEx) cable, which will offer a minimum design capacity of 72Tbit/s (about 72 000Gbit/s), and will connect Mtunzini on KwaZulu-Natal’s north coast to Yzerfontein north of Cape Town, with branching units in East London and Port Elizabeth). It will then cross the South Atlantic to Fortaleza in Brazil to link to a partner system, with a direct link to Virginia Beach, Virginia (US) being planned as its final development on this phase.

Source: SAEx