Angola Cables S.A. announced Tuesday that it has signed a contract to build the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connecting Angola and Brazil, the world's first submarine cable system across the South Atlantic. The Supply Contract is awarded to NEC Corpotation.

The SACS will feature the latest high quality 4-fiber-pair cable and optical transmission technologies with an initial design capacity of 40Tb/s (100Gb/s x 100 wavelengths x 4 fiber-pairs).

The total amount of investment for SACS is estimated to be approximately USD $160 million.

The SACS cable system will land at Sangano cable landing station in Angola, near the capital city of Luanda, and in a datacenter in Fortaleza, Brazil, which, will be built for the cable systems that are under construction by Angola Cables.SACS Cable Map

In October, Google announced to partner with Angola Cables and other operators to build another cable system connecting Santos and Fortaleza in Brazil to Miami in the USA, the Cable Of The Americas (COTA).

With the investment in WACS, SACS and COTA cable systems, Angola Cables builds up a seamless connection from Angola and Africa to Brazil and onwards to the USA, and from Africa to Europe. Angola Cables is transforming Angola into one of the major telecommunication hubs in Africa.

Construction of SACS is expected to begin before the end of the year. The system is targeted to be ready-for-service during the fourth quarter of 2016.