New Zealand Telecom, Telstra and Vodafone have issued a tender for the construction of the Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable that spans 2300 km connecting Auckland and Sydney. The three company launched and signed an MOU for the construction of the TGA Cable in February, 2013.  


The Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable is designed to significantly improve New Zealand’s international connectivity and promote the development of broadband internet in New Zealand, where international traffic runs over the only one submarine cable, the Southern Cross Cable Network.  The attempt by Pacific Fibre to construct the second submarine cable connecting New Zealand has been failed due to the lack of enough funding. Another attempt by Axin and its partner Huawei Marine Networks for the construction of the Optikor Network seems not so positive, due to the concern of Australian Government on the security of Huawei equipment, although Axin and Huawei Marine announced in early 2012 the finalization of a survey agreement for the trans-Tasman Optikor Network.

The Tasman Global Access (TGA) Cable seems the most positive one to connect New Zealand and the rest of the world with the second submarine cable.

Several international submarine cable contractors have been invited to tender for the TGA Cable and all have indicated strong interest in responding. It is anticipated a preferred tenderer will be chosen over the next couple of months, with a contract expected to be in place by later this year and cable construction starting in 2014.

The 2,300km TGA cable system is expected to enter service early in 2015, deploying the latest 100G technology, with a design capacity of 30 Tbps.

Though the Tasman Global Access cable will provide important redundancy and improve significantly the bandwidth for New Zealand, it won't create any competition in the New Zealand market, as the TGA cable is controlled by New Zealand Telecom.