Pacific Fibre Limited announced on April 6, 2011 its Invitation To Tenders for the Pacific Fibre Cable System connecting Australia to New Zealand and the US. And Pacific Fibre Limited is going to build the Pacific Fibre cable alone.


The Invitation To Tender was sent to established leaders in the submarine cable system supply industry. Vendor responses are due in mid-May with contract negotiations expected to commence with a preferred vendor soon after.

The Pacific Fibre Cable System will have a design capacity of 5.12 Tbps, with two fibre pairs. New cable landing stations for the Pacific Fibre will be built respectively in Sydney, Auckland and Los Angeles.

Pacific Fibre Cable Route Map

Pacific Fibre CEO Mark Rushworth confirmed that Pacific Fibre is building the Pacific Fibre cable alone.

Pacific Fibre and Pacnet entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as equal partners to build the Pacific Fibre Cable System in July 2010. And it was supposed that Pacnet and Pacific Fibre would each own and operate a fibre pair on the Pacific Fibre cable system. As Pacnet has been the largest wholesaler of the Southern Cross Cable, the competitor of the Pacific Fibre Cable System, it benefits both for Pacnet to walk away.

With this solely building and private model, Pacific Fibre is expected to move ahead more quickly.