The trans-Tasman Optikor Network is a new submarine internet cable between New Zealand and Australia. It was initiated by Axin Limited in September 2011, and Huawei Marine was selected as a turn-key system supplier and partner. On 16 January, 2012, Axin Limited and Huawei Marine announced the finalization of a survey agreement for the trans-Tasman Optikor Network.


The survey to be launched is a critical element of the project, as the data collected will allow Huawei Marine to deploy a system properly designed for the changing conditions along the route and the information received will greatly enhance system security.

The trans-Tasman Optikor Network is expected to be ready for service by the end of 2013, connecting Sydney, Australia with South Island and North Island, New Zealand, with a cable length of more than 3,000 km.

The trans-Tasman Optikor Network is designed to provide an initial capacity of 120G with 1 fiber pair, and it will eventually provide 6.4 Tbit/s with 2 fibre pairs. This solution will address the large capacity requirements in the region and become the main broadband solution provider between Australia and New Zealand.

The capacity demands across the Tasman has been increased rapidly due to the plans for Australia’s National Broadband Network and New Zealand’s Ultra Fast Broadband. And there is now only one submarine cable connecting Australia wth New Zealand, i.e., the Southern Cross Cable Network. And the construction of another trans-Tasman submarine cable Pacific Fibre is still underway and can't be ready by 2014.

The trans-Tasman Optikor Network, together with Southern Cross Cable Network and Pacific Fibre, will faciliate high broadband, secured and reliable capacity connections between Australia and New Zealand.