Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP announced that the Hawaiki submarine cable system successfully landed in Pacific City, Oregon on October 10th.

With more than 8,200-km of undersea fiber-optic cable on board, the TE SubCom cable ship Global Sentinel has commenced the laying of Hawaiki cable west from Oregon across the Pacific Ocean.

Hawaiki is a 15,000-km transpacific cable that will link Australia and New Zealand to the continental United States, as well as Hawaii and American Samoa, with options to expand to additional South Pacific islands.

Hawaiki Cable Route

“Today, in Pacific City, Oregon, Hawaiki Submarine Cable LP, our contractors, partners and the community witnessed the landing of the Hawaiki submarine cable in the United States. Hawaiki will improve Internet speed and support cloud computing across Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii, bringing more than 42 Terabits of new Internet backbone capacity to the South Pacific region in 2018.” said Randy Neals, President Business Development - North America.

Source: Hawaiki Submarine Cable