According to the Port of Marseille Fos, Cinturion Corp Ltd ("Cinturion") and the Port of Marseille Fos have signed an agreement to land the Trans Europe Asia System (TEAS) in Marseille throught the Port of Marseille Fos submarine cable landing infrastructure.

Cinturion is developing the Trans Europe Asia System (TEAS), a low latency diverse route between India, the Middle East and Europe. TEAS is a trans-regional network that seamlessly links two new diverse connections across the Arabian Peninsula that are designed to support the future needs of key data centers, linking India, the Middle East and Europe.

The Port of Marseille-Fos has constructed a new subsea cable landing infrastructure which provides a reliable and convenient plug & play interface for subsea cables coming from all over the world to the Marseille area. The port delivers the first phase of the dedicated infrastructure which can land up to six cables, a one-stop shop system within the French administration for permitting process to facilitate applications, and secure facilities tailored to accommodate the Power Feed Equipment of subsea cables, while the Submarine Line Terminal Equipment (SLTE) can be installed flexibly at other cable landing stations or carrier neutral data centers.


Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing "Plug", Source: Port of Marseille Fos 
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing Structure
Port of Marseille Fos Submarine Cable Landing "Plug", Source: Port of Marseille Fos 


With the signing of this agreement, the Port of Marseille Fos is concretizing its economic development strategy by becoming an international digital gateway. The Port of Marseille Fos offers an intelligent and reliable landing infrastructure for submarine telecommunications cables, equipped in its first phase with 6 ducts and capable of accommodating 5 cables.

This ready-to-use and practical infrastructure connects the cables routed to Marseille from all over the world, to the Marseille and European digital ecosystems. With this new interface, the port of Marseille Fos allows the city of Marseille to aim for the top 5 digital hubs in the world. 

In additional to the Port of Marseille Fos submarine cable landing infrastructure, there are now 15 submairne cables landing in Marseille, and at least 5 additional submarine cables to land in Marseille by 2025, including 2Africa, Afica-1, IEX, Medusa and TEAS