The SEA-ME-WE 5 consortium signed the construction and maintenance agreement for the South East Asia - Middle East -Western Europe 5 cable (SMW5 C&MA) on March 7 2014. According to Singtel news, the SMW5 cable will land in Singapore,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Djibuti, Yemen, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy and France, with 18 cable landing points in 17 countries. Telecom Egypt is not a member of the SMW5 consortium which pays Telecom Egypt for SMW5 to transit across Egypt.

SMW5 Cable Map

The total distance of SMW5 cable is approximately 20,000 km. The system capacity of SMW5 is 24 Tbit/s.

The segments from France to Sri Lanka will be supplied by Alcatel-Lucent, while the Sri Lanka to Singapore segments will be supplied by NEC.

【Updated】The final version of SMW5 cable route.

SMW5 Cable Route