Orange announced that the SEA-ME-WE 5 (South East Asia- Middle East – Western Europe 5) landed at the submarine cable Station of la Seyne-sur-Mer, South of France on 1st March 2016. According to SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium, the SEA-ME-WE 5 cable system is expected to be launched in November 2016.

This new 20 000 km-long fiber optic cable will strengthen Europe-Asia route by providing additional capacity but also ensuring the protection of voice and data traffic passing through the other cables in the area.

SEA-ME-WE 5 will connect France to Singapore serving 17 countries: Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, France, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Myanmar , Oman, Pakistan , Qatar, Republic of Djibouti , Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkey and Yemen.

Orange Marine, a 100% subsidiary of Orange Group manages the installation of the SEA- ME- WE 5 in the Mediterranean, with 4 shore ends: France, Egypt, Italy and Turkey.

Providing enriched connectivity and advanced technology
The cable design is based on the latest 100 Gbps very high-speed technology combined to the wavelength division multiplexing, the SEA-ME- WE 5 will offer 24 Tbps design capacity of 3 pairs of fibers. Connecting 17 countries with a very high capacity, the SEA-ME -WE 5 will be the intercontinental highway that will meet the diverse routes needs and resilience of existing submarine cables heavily loaded between Europe and Asia.

SMW5 Cable Route

The SEA-ME- WE 5 introduces the innovative concept of end-to- end connection to open and neutral Points of Presence (POPs) in Europe and Asia. In France, the SEA-ME- WE 5 will be connected to Interxion Data Center in Marseille (MRS1) by terrestrial cable established from Toulon station. Interxion is a European data center provider truly neutral and completely independent of any network, hardware, software operator or provider. This will enable the SEA-ME- WE 5 to provide access to a wider range of connectivity providers and IT services at extremely competitive costs.

Strengthening the role of South-East France in international trade
The arrival at Toulon and the extension by terrestrial cable to the Data Center Interxion (MRS1) in Marseille strengthens the role of the region for international trade to the Middle East, Asia and Africa / Indian Ocean.

Orange confirms its position as a leading player in the submarine cable market
With a participation in more than 40 submarine cables and international consortium but also major investments, Orange is working to develop the quality of its global network service to contribute to its ambition: offering an enriched connectivity to its customers and connect them to their essentials.

Source: SEA-ME-WE 5 Consortium