[Suzhou, April 15, 2020] PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd and Huawei Marin (HMN) jointly announced that the manufacture and integration of the PEACE system is now in the advanced stages. The system will offer the lowest latency connecting China, Europe and Africa, facilitating fast, high-capacity bandwidth on this new information superhighway.

The construction of PEACE cable has been facing numerous challenges under the impact of COVID-19 in 2020. PEACE team quickly resume work and promote the construction of the project while containing the epidemic. Strengthening coordination with local partners to ensure the work plan of cable landings and urging contractor to timely keep manufacture of cables and wet plants. Above efforts made by PEACE team lays a solid foundation for the subsequent delivery of PEACE cable system as scheduled.

The PEACE system trunk spans 15,000km and features HMN’s latest Open Cable System Solution, equipped with HMN’s industry-leading 200G WDM technology interfacing with HMN’s new generation SDM (Spatial Division Multiplexing) repeater. PEACE will provide customers with robust, high-performance intercontinental communications services for the next two decades.

 Manufacture & Integration of Peace Cable


Sun Xiaohua, Chief Operating Officer of the PEACE cable system, stressed that "We are pleased to announce the marine survey of the PEACE cable system has been 90% completed. With the orderly development of the system wet plant manufacturing and integration in an advanced phase, the PEACE cable system has taken a further solid step forward."

Ma Yanfeng, Vice President of HMN, said, "Delivering the PEACE cable system is another important milestone for HMN, and complements our journey that has seen us successfully deliver over 100 commercial contracts throughout the world. In the face of the current global challenges, we retain our customer-centric focus, to provide advanced technology and robust network solutions, creating value for our customers and driving the world’s digital transformation”.