PCCW Global and PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd (PEACE Cable International) have jointly announced on Monday the completion of the PEACE cable system’s Mediterranean segment (PEACE-MED), which is now ready to provide a range of high-speed and low-latency connectivity services for international customers.

PEACE-MED, a part of the trunk of the PEACE cable system, is a 3200km undersea cable that connects Egypt to France, with additional landing points in Cyprus and Malta. The landing in Marseille, provided by Orange, is now fully operational and ready to provide customers with a wide range of telecommunications and data services. PEACE-MED’s cable landings in Cyprus, Abu Talat, Marseille and Malta were all completed during the course of 2021, while stub branching units have been reserved for direct landing points to other countries thereby providing additional access options and opportunities for the entire Mediterranean region.

The overall PEACE project is the latest new-build submarine cable to link Asia, Africa and Europe, with main trunk landing in France, Egypt, Kenya and Pakistan. The system is also planning to extend to Singapore and South Africa.

PEACE deploys a state-of-the-art “system-within-a-system” configuration that gives each party the required flexibility to design its own subsystem with reconfigurable bandwidth for different points over the lifetime of the cable.

Cyta, the leading operator in Cyprus, has deployed its private ARSINOE cable system connecting Cyprus with France and Egypt, as part of the PEACE cable system. And Malta operator GO also acquired fiber pairs in the PEACE cable system to deploy its private LaValette cable system connecting Malta with France and Egypt.