PEACE has announced the signing of the Landing Party Agreement for its Kenya landing during Africa Com 2019, in Cape Town, South Africa. The Landing Party Agreement (LPA) was signed on 5 September 2019, with Liquid Telecom and Africa Data Centre. PEACE and Liquid Telecom have also achieved an initial deal on PEACE Kenya route connectivity.

The PEACE cable is expected to be ready for service in 2021. Once complete, PEACE will link France to Pakistan using the Europe-Asia route, and Mombasa in Kenya, via an Indian Ocean route that will ensure optimum latency, with plans to extend southwards towards South Africa and eastwards towards South East Asia.

Liquid Telecom is the leading independent data, voice and IP provider in eastern, central and southern Africa. It supplies fibre optic, satellite and international carrier services to Africa's largest mobile network operators, ISPs and businesses of all sizes. It also provides payment solutions to financial institutions and retailers, as well as award winning data storage and communication solutions to businesses across Africa and beyond. Liquid Telecom is building a Pan Africa Fiber Network.

PEACE and Liquid Telecom have also achieved an initial deal on PEACE Kenya route connectivity.

Africa Data Centres, the largest network of carrier-neutral data centres on Africa continent, who provides rapid and secure data centre services and interconnections across the African continent.

As a private cable company, PEACE has concluded landing party agreement with Cybernet for Pakistan landing, Djibouti Telecom for Djibouti landing, Orange for Marseille landing, Telecom Egypt for Egypt landing and passing thorugh

PEACE cable will be a new and significant infrastructure for Kenya. The DARE1 cable system will land at Telkom Kenya's Mombasa cable landing station. Besides PEACE and DARE1, Kenya has already connected to the SEACOM, East African Marine System (TEAMS), Eastern African Submarine Cable System (EASsy) and Lion2 submarine cable systems. PEACE will be the sixth subsea cable landing in Kenya.


Update: Telkom Kenya became the landing party in Kenya for the PEACE cable system in 2021.