PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd announced the submarine cable installation of the PEACE Cable System has been completed. PEACE has enabled the connections to France, Egypt, Pakistan and Kenya, and all these segments have achieved final splicing.

In August 2022, PEACE completed the construction from Pakistan to France, which comprises the 5800 km Pakistan-Egypt segment connecting Karachi, Pakistan, and Zafarana, Egypt. And the 3200 km PEACE Mediterranean segment connecting Marseille, France and Abu Talat, Egypt was completed in March 2022. Recently, the Kenya segment of the PEACE cable system, with a total length of 3000 km, has been completed. It brings the achievement to the final splicing of the entire PEACE cable system. The next step will be followed by system testing, and PEACE cable system will go live and be put into commercial use within the year 2022.

Peace Cable Final Splicing
Peace Cable Final Splicing, Source: PEACE


PEACE submarine cable system provides high-capacity international bandwidth traffic linking Asia, Africa and Europe, with the trunk line landing in Pakistan, France, Egypt and Kenya. PEACE has a capacity of up to 192T,offering PoP to PoP solutions with the technical flexibility to build future branches. 

The entire PEACE cable system deploys a state-of-the-art "system within a system" architecture. Cyta, GO, Zain and Ooredoo have deployed subsystems to land PEACE in Cyprus, Malta, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia respectively.

Furthermore, PEACE is now deploying the Singapore extension, which will extend the coverage of the PEACE cable system to Southeast Asia. The PEACE Singapore extension is currently under the marine survey and the construction is expected to be completed in 2024.