According to PEACE Cable International Network Co. Ltd, the termination and interconnection equipment of the PEACE cable system will be located at Interxion’s MRS2 data centre in Marseille, France, pursuant to a cooperative partnership with PCCW GLOBAL and Interxion. PEACE cable will  enable low-latency access to over 160 connectivity providers along with multiple content, cloud, gaming and video streaming platforms at Interxion's Marseille campus, including MRS1, MRS2 and MRS3.


PEACE Cable route
PEACE Cable Map


The high-speed, 15,000km PEACE subsea cable system will offer high-capacity, low-latency routes connecting China, Europe and Africa. In addition to France, the PEACE cable will land in Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Djibouti, Kenya, Pakistan and other countries and regions, with onward terrestrial connectivity to China.

The PEACE subsea cable will provide the most direct and high-capacity route from Asia to Europe. These features, combined with the exceptionally low-latency, are vitally important for a wide array of commercial and consumer applications. Moreover, PEACE deploys a state-of-the-art “system-within-a-system” configuration that gives each party the required flexibility to design its own subsystem with reconfigurable bandwidth for different points over the lifetime of the cable. For example, Cyta of Cyprus is building itw private ARSINOE subsea cable system connecting Cyprus with France and Egypt, using fiber pairs on the PEACE cable.

Interxion’s Marseille campus is one of the world’s leading digital hubs for intercontinental data traffic with a thriving community of numerous connectivity providers, digital media and cloud segments along with local as well as global enterprises, providing customers with a strong foundation to execute their digital transformation strategies and scale globally. 

PEACE cable will be the 15th subsea cable system to land in Marseille. The cooperation will not only further enhance the competitiveness of Marseille Network Hubs but also contribute to the expansion of PEACE market. 

Landing PEACE cable at InterXion MAR2, it not only solidifies Marseille’s future as an intercontinental hub with access to state-of-the-art communication services, but also affords Interxion’s global customer base entry into new markets and the ability to link their often geographically dispersed infrastructure in close proximity with the connected community.

Interxion’s fluid interconnection environment in Marseille enables the PEACE subsea cable to efficiently service the needs of the vibrant community of interest on the campus, while extending the system’s reach to additional markets such as Frankfurt and Paris.