PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd announced Thursday that the under-construction section of PEACE Cable System has completed system-wide acceptance testing, and is now ready to go live for commercial use, providing international customers with a range of high-speed and low-latency connectivity services.

PEACE cable system


PEACE Cable System, which spans Asia, Africa and Europe, has landed in Pakistan, Egypt, France, Kenya and other countries since its announcement in October 2018. In November 2022, PEACE completed all the construction of the Pakistan-Egypt-Kenya segment and Egypt-France segment, with an overall length of 15,000 km of these completed segments. The entire section of the aforementioned route is now tested well and ready to provide quality internet services to a wide range of users. The launch of PEACE will energise the Internet market in the entire region, helping to build the regional digitalization.

With the system going live, PEACE Cable System has become the earliest new-build submarine cable announced in the past few years that links Asia, Africa and Europe to be delivered. Over the next two decades, PEACE will be able to provide international bandwidth services to Europe for countries in Asia and East Africa, to meet the major international bandwidth demands on this route.

"The official launch of PEACE is the goal we have been working towards, this is due to the combined efforts of the whole team, including the assistance and support of our partners and landing partners. Thank you all for overcoming the situation of COVID-19 and completing the delivery.” Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd says, "PEACE will provide a new digital information superhighway for Internet service providers and users, expanding Internet traffic in this corridor and boosting the region's economic development. After commercial use, we will deploy network supervision to enable users to enjoy a stable, fast and convenient network system service and remain committed to contributing to supporting global network interconnection."

PEACE Cable System introduces the technical elements of an open-cable model and is committed to providing neutral, flexible and non-differentiated interconnection services for various operators, OTTs and enterprises across the regions. The system is designed for a maximum capacity of 192Tbps and is equipped with ROADM powered by WSS and Flexible Grid, which can fully cope with the high bandwidth requirements of future new technologies and emerging applications. It also supports customized cooperative solutions and provides more flexible business models to help customers achieve autonomous and customizable network-building conditions.

It is also worth looking forward to the ongoing construction of the Singapore extension of PEACE, which is expected to be completed in Q2 2024, to form a major Asia-Europe interconnection by connecting Singapore, the international transmission hub of Southeast Asia, to France, the European transmission hub. With a total planned length of over 25,000 km including PEACE and PEACE extension, PEACE will gradually expand the network resources of the PEACE submarine cable system by landing in more than 20 countries and covering more than 30 countries along the way in the future.