PEACE Cable International Network Co., Ltd (PEACE Cable) announced to extend the PEACE cable to Singapore, and partner with OOREDOO MALDIVES PLC to have a branch landing in Kulhudhufushi, the Maldives.

The Singapore section of PEACE will have a total length of 6,500km, in addition to Singapore and Maldives, it is proposed to land in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. When complete, the entire PEACE system will cover a population of over 2 billion and become an intercontinental submarine cable linking Asia-Africa-Europe, with a total length of over 25,000 km.


Peace cable extends to Singapore
Peace cable extends to Singapore


After the extension, PEACE will be able to provide a direct route from Singapore to France, enabling direct interconnection from East Asia to Europe. And it will also open up the information channel from Singapore to South Africa via Kenya, with ultra-low latency, making PEACE the only direct, low-latency submarine network in the world on this route.

The construction of the Singapore extension will also enrich PEACE routing products and enhance the overall capability. Singapore, as one of the global exchange nodes for communications services, is the hub of the submarine networks for connections from East Asia to South Asia, Persian Gulf, Mediterranean, and Europe regions. This will make it easier for PEACE to integrate into the global network, increase the flexibility and provide more opportunities for future long-term operations.

Ooredoo, a leading telecommunication operator in Maldives, will cooperate with PEACE Cable to connect Maldives with Singapore and Europe via a new branch between Kulhudhufushi and the trunk of PEACE Singapore extension. PEACE Cable and Ooredoo had already entered into an agreement in Dec. 2021 to jointly bring transcontinental capacity to Maldives, accelerating a truly "Digital Maldives", with more diversified digital connection options and better communication performance to enpower 5G capabilities in this region. PEACE is expected to land at Kulhudhufushi in 2023, connecting Maldives to Southeast Asia and Europe.

The Maldives is currently connected to India and Sri Lanka through FALCON, Dhiraagu-SLT Submarine Cable Network and Maldives Sri Lanka Cable system (MSC). Besides landing PEACE in the Maldives, there are another two submarine cables newly announced to land in the Maldives. Dhiraagu, the leading operator in the Maldives, has participated in the SEA-ME-WE 6 consortium and will land the SMW6 cable system in Male. Ocean Connect Maldives Private Limited (OCM), a new legal entity 100% owned by the Government of Maldives and established under Maldives Fund Management Corporation Limited (MFMC) as a subsidiary, is partnering with Reliance Jio to land IAX in Hulhumale, Maldives.

PEACE Cable System, the high-speed, open cable system, will offer high capacity, low-latency routes connecting Asia, Europe and Africa. The system design adopts the latest 200G technology and WSS technology, which provides the capability to transmit up to 192Tbit/s. Its main trunk lands in Singapore, Pakistan, Kenya, Egypt and France. PEACE Mediterranean segment, which landed in Marseille, Malta, Cyprus and Egypt, has already been put into commercial use. Besides, its overall delivery covering the Singapore extension will be RFS by the end of 2023, which will make PEACE as the earliest new-build submarine cable delivering on the Asia-Africa-Europe route.