According to Djibouti Telecom, Hormuud Telecom in Somalia has joined as a new member and signatory of the DARE1 Construction and Maintenance Agreement (C&MA). Djibouti Telecom and Somtel are the two original investors and main shareholders of the DARE1 cable system, Telkom Kenya joined later as an investor and landing party in Kenya.

Under the leadership of the Djibouti Ministry of Communications, Post and Telecommunications, Djibouti Telecom and Somtel have decided to include Hormuud Telecom as a new member and signatory of DARE1 Construction and Maintenance Agreement (C&MA). The success of the investment in and launch of DARE1 encouraged Hormuud who requested to join the project, which was welcomed by the two original investors and main shareholders, Djibouti Telecom and Somtel. This cable is a new model of partnership and economic integration among the regional telecom operators and provides a new direct highway from Djibouti, Bosaso, Puntland and Mogadishu all the way to Mombasa, Kenya. This is the first stage of the venture, and further locations will be included in the future. 

DARE1 is a new low-latency cable system with the purpose of bringing content closer to end-users in Africa, providing the region with much needed internet capacity and access to global cloud services. The cable is carrying 36 Tbps Capacity and will connect East Africa and beyond to the cable stations, datacenters and content providers in the world. This is the largest cable ever built in the region in terms of capacity. 

DARE1 Cable Map
DARE1 Cable Map, Source: Djibouti Telecom


The DARE1 cable system will improve the connectivity costs in Africa and add much needed capacity to this under-served and fast-growing region. Being the first investors with Djibouti Telecom on DARE1, Somtel promotes competition and interconnectivity in Somalia, for all telecom services, both voice and data, as this is best for consumers. In that spirit, Somtel welcomes Hormuud and other like-minded companies to the DARE1 consortium. Somtel will continue to provide unrivalled services to its customers in a region that needs reliable data.

DARE1 project  is the first subsea cable project invested by Hormuud Telecom. Hormuud Telecom expects to benefit from Djibouti Telecom’s international network stretching around the globe to bring tremendous change in the region as access to high quality and affordable Internet services affects all aspects of peoples’ lives and their way of thinking. This new partnership and infrastructure sharing of DARE1 cable will promote further collaboration for Telecom operators in Somalia.

Founded in 2002, Hormuud Telecom is the leading telecom company in Somalia and is a private company owned by Somali investors. Hormuud Telecom provides a total communications solutions for the South and Central Somalia. Under its “connected Somalia”  strategy, Hormuud Telecom is heavily investing in the submarine cable systems for connectivity to the rest of the world in a fast, reliable and cost-effective manner.