Cyta announced that it has secured the relevant operating licence from the Ministry of Transport, Communications & Works, and is proceeding swiftly with the construction of the ARSINOE subsea cable system, connecting Cyprus with France and Egypt. has confirmed that Cyta is constructing the ARSINOE cable system with part of fiber pairs on the PEACE cale system.

The ARSINOE cable system uses fiber optic technology to provide fast telecommunications services. Its operation will contribute significantly to the growing need of Cyprus for international connectivity, in particular for Internet and Cloud services. It also expects to serve the international and regional needs of neighbouring countries, thereby further strengthening the role of Cyprus as a telecommunications hub.

The ARSINOE cable system utilises the very latest technology to achieve high availability and durability. The system will be landing at Yeroskipou and it is epxected to come into commercial operation during the first quarter of 2022.

Yeroskipou is one of the cable landing stations in Cyprus.

Cable Landing Stations in Cyprus
Cable Landing Stations in Cyprus,  Source: Cyta


Through Cyta’s extensive international telecommunications infrastructure, which includes numerous subsea cable systems and teleports linking Cyprus with neighbouring countries and other global destinations, the island has established itself as an important telecommunications hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. The new subsea cable system enhances the role of both Cyprus and Cyta as a communication bridge between East and West, increasing business opportunities and providing access to new markets in the telecommunications corridor linking Asia, East Africa and Europe.

Cyta didn't announce more details about the ARSINOE cable system. But as shown on the latest map of submarine cable network of Cyta, the ARSINOE cable system is deploying with part of fiber pairs on the PEACE cale system, similar with Cyta's ALEXANDROS cable system built as part of the TE North cable system.