Milan, June 27, 2017 – Retelit announces the commercial launch of AAE-1 submarine cable, the fiber optic system connecting Europe to Asia through Bari.

The 25,000 km of submarine infrastructure extending from Europe to fa East, is now ready to satisfy bandwidth demand to and from Asia: with the launch of the AAE-1 cable, Retelit can now offer operators, Carriers and international OTT’s high-speed and low latency connections through alternative infrastructure than previously available.

The Italian landing point of the cable - owned by the company - is in Bari, a city now considered a major digital hub for the Mediterranean thanks to its strategic location.

The cable, which has been laid as far as Vietnam, currently has 19 connected international “terminal stations” out of 21 (20 landing points and a land extension in Singapore). The last section connecting the Hong Kong PoP will be completed immediately after the summer.

Thanks to the system, Retelit can satisfy increasing data, connectivity and transport demand from Asia, the Middle East and the Gulf - home to some of the largest emerging markets such as Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Yemen.

With a capacity of 40 Terabit per second and 100 Gbps technology, the AAE-1 is the world’s fastest cable system and the first to offer the lowest level of point-to-point latency through an “express route” between Egypt and Thailand.

“We are proud of the delivery of the AAE-1 submarine cable both on time and on budget. The challenge that lies ahead of us now, after hitting the delivery deadline and investment targets, is to carry the majority of traffic through Italy and become the main hub for traffic from Asia and the Middle East. With this major achievement, we can win traffic along the entire length of the cable”, stated Federico Protto, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Retelit.

Source: Retelit