The Asia Africa Europe-1 (AAE-1) consortium confirms on Monday that AAE-1 has landed successfully in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. With almost all of the undersea cable installed and 15 shore-end landings, AAE-1 is confirmed to start commissioning before end 2016 and on track to enter service by Q1 2017. Upon completion it will provide the lowest latency, express route between Asia and Europe; an unprecedented project across Eurasia, combining the strengths of 19 world leading operators. 

The project has entered the last phase of construction and commissioning with over 19,000 kilometers of submarine cable already laid across four oceans. Six specialized cable ships and numerous support vessels have been engaged in completing the installation in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Thailand. Network equipment has been deployed and tested at more than half of the AAE-1 cable landing stations. The protected transit routes across Egypt, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore are also nearing completion.

By working closely with experienced suppliers and with the integral support of its owners, this complex project continues to progress as planned. When the system enters service, AAE-1 shall serve as a primary route for the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth, supporting all forms of communication and applications; broadband internet, video, voice and data. Demand fueled by the economic expansion of countries will elevate AAE-1’s status as critical infrastructure, essential for growth along the route.

With two diversified Points of Presence (PoP) in Asia (terminating in Hong Kong and Singapore at carrier neutral data centers) and three onward connectivity options in Europe via Greece, Italy and France (terminating in two Marseille carrier neutral data centers), AAE-1 will provide a new, robust and diverse route along the Eurasia path.

AAE-1 Cable Map

Source: AAE-1 Consortium


Editor's Note: AAE-1 cable system has been finally launched for service as of June 23rd, 2017.