Though AAE-1 consortium has signed the C&MA and  press announcements have been released by several consortium members, it is hard to catch a clear information about the AAE-1 cable project. It is said the AAE-1 consortium consists of 17 parties, but only 13 parties showed up on the AAE-1 C&MA signing ceremony, none of the press announcements mentioned the whole list of the 17 parties, and the AAE-1 cable map has not been officially released yet. I digged out the whole list of the 17 AAE-1 consortium members in another article. In this article, I try to collect AAE-1 cable maps in different phases.

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First, the AAE-1 cable map unveiled by Sunil Tagare in early 2013. In this AAE-1 cable map, Sunil successfully predicted the AAE-1's extension to Hong Kong. I believe, by that time, PCCW Global had just involved in the AAE-1 cable project as a possible non-landing party. The latest information shows that PCCW Global has changed the game of AAE-1.

AAE-1 Cable Map V1


Second, the AAE-1 cable map from China Unicom, released in June 2013. In this AAE-1 cable map, the AAE-1 extension to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong kong was not depicted. On the other hand, China Unicom released an aggressive plan to seamlessly access AAE-1 through a new China-Myanmar terrestrial cable system.

AAE-1 Cable Map V2 


Third, the AAE-1 cable map newly released after the signing of AAE-1 C&MA.  It is weird that the AAE-1 Myanmar landing disappeared in this version of AAE-1 cable map. 

AAE-1 Cable Map V3


The AAE-1 Myanmar landing represents a core interest of China Unicom, the leading party and the MC chair of the AAE-1 consortium. The AAE-1 cable map above might be an informal one as well.

We can expected a next update of AAE-1 cable map when the supply contract of AAE-1 cable system is finalized.   

【Updated】The map below is final version of AAE-1 cable map.

AAE-1 is going to terminate at carrier neutral POPs at InterXion in Marseille, France, Equinix SG3 and Global Switch in Singapore, Telecom House in Hong Kong, with diverse terrestrial cable routes across Egypt, Malaysia and Thailand to improve latency.

AAE-1 Design