Somcable Submarine Network landed the 2Africa cable in Berbera. Somaliland on May 25, 2022. A local ceremony was hosted at the Somcable International Submarine Hub. The 2Africa cable is the second international submarine cable connecting Somaliland.

Somaliland Cable Network (Somcable) is a private Internet service provider based in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland. Founded in 2009 as the MSG Group of Companies, acquired a 25-year Fiber Optic network license in 2009, Somcable is a progressive fiber optic network company providing services to the Horn of Africa. 

In addition to the 2Africa cable, Somcable landed its first international submarine cable, the PEACE cable, in Bebera in the early of May, 2022.

The 2Africa cable is the longest submarine cable ever built in the world, spanning 45,000km and connecting 33 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Somcable currently works on an open access policy. Somcable welcomes all other international submarine cables whom are currently in planning or have existing and upcoming submarine projects to consider landing in Berbera, as it is now quickly becoming an important strategic location in the Horn of Africa.