According to MENAFN news, the Iraqi Ministry of Communications has signed a contract with the Saudi Telecom Company to land the 2Africa Pearl cable in Al-Faw, Iraq.

The Saudi Telecom Company, or stc, through its subsidiary center3, is a leading party in the 2Africa Pearl project, the gulf extension of the 2Africa cable system. In addition to Al-Faw, Iraq, the 2Africa Pearl will land in Oman (Barka and Salalah), Bahrain, Kuwait, etc.

2Africa cable map


This project marks the third such contract signed by the current Iraqi government underlining its commitment to advancing telecommunications capabilities.

In early 2012, GBI cable achieved the first ever subsea cable landing in Iraq, at the Al Faw cable landing station. The FALCON cable system followed to landed the Al Faw Cable Landing Station in 2012.

Minister of Communications Hiyam Al-Yasiri emphasized the strategic importance of the contract during a press conference following its signing. She highlighted that the initial steps will involve surveying and preparing the landing site at Al-Faw, followed by the deployment of necessary equipment and the actual installation of the submarine cable. The project's primary goal is to bolster Iraq's internet capacity by leveraging enhanced connectivity options and marketing internet capabilities effectively.

Omar Al-Amiri, Director General of the Department of Relations and Media at the Iraqi Ministry of Communications, underscored the broader implications of the project. He explained that multiple international companies will utilize the submarine and land optical cables to transit their capacities, thereby facilitating smoother international communications. This development is expected to strengthen Iraq's role as a pivotal link between Africa, Asia, and Europe, thereby potentially boosting the nation's economic prospects through enhanced investment in its geographical positioning.

Ali Yassin, Director General of the Iraqi General Company for Communications and Information Technology, elaborated on the strategic significance of the 2Africa submarine cable, which spans over 33 countries. Iraq's integration into this network is anticipated to significantly augment its internet capacity, reflecting a positive step towards consolidating the country's position in international communications networks. Yassin further noted that the project aligns with Iraq's broader objectives to enhance its connectivity infrastructure and support economic growth through expanded access to global communications networks.

The Iraqi Ministry of Communications highlighted that the implementation of this submarine cable project not only enhances Iraq's geographical importance but also strengthens its role in international transit communications networks, often referred to as the "path of civilizations."