The final cable landing for the Oman Australia Cable (OAC) was completed in Barka, Oman in late April, marking a major milestone for the project. Once live, OAC is set to become the only undersea cable to avoid the notorious Malacca Straits and is Australia’s first express undersea cable to EMEA, improving connectivity and resiliency between the regions.

The 10,000km OAC cable system is owned and invested by SUB.CO, partnering with Omantel as landing partner in Barka, Oman, supplied by SubCom. Previous projects undertaken by the management team of SUB.CO include Sydney to Guam Cable (PPC-1), Sydney to Los Angeles (Endeavour & AAG), Singapore to Perth Cable (Indigo West) and Australia’s first transcontinental fibre optic submarine cable (Indigo Central).  

Oman Australia Cable Route
Oman Australia Cable Route, Source: SUB.CO


The OAC cable system consists of 3 fiber pairs for a total system capacity of 39Tbps. The system will be terminated at Equinix PE2 in Perth and Equinix MC1 in Muscat.

The Oman Australia Cable (OAC) landed in Perth, Australia in last July. So far, all the landings have been completed, and the system is now moving towards final splice and then final testing and commissioning.

The OAC cable system is now expected to be ready for service in July 2022.