In a statement to the ASX recently, Superloop said that "significant progress" had been made on construction of the Indigo submarine cable connecting Singapore, Jakarta, Perth and Sydney. It's said that its subsidiary SubPartners and its contractor had completed the horizontal directional drilling phase of the seaward facing bore pipe project at Coogee beach in Sydney.

The newly constructed 1900-metre bore-hole facilitates the landing of two subsea telecommunication cables including the INDIGO cable system. Steel casing pipes will be inserted in the bore-hole next week to protect the submarine cable, marking completion of the seaward duct in readiness for the Indigo Central cable which is scheduled to be installed by mid-2018.

Superloop became part of the Indigo consoriutm when it acquired SubPartners in April.  The Indigo consortium includes AARNet, Indosat, Google, Ooredoo, Singtel and Telstra.

It said the Indigo subsea cable project marine survey was 70% complete. The remaining marine survey activities are for the Indigo West cable path running south between Jakarta and Perth which are due to be completed before November end.

The manufacturing of the Indigo subsea repeaters and cable began in London and Paris. Over the next six months more than 9000 km of cable and 110 repeaters will be manufactured and ready for shipping by May 2018. The Indigo cable system is scheduled to completed by the first half of 2019.

Indigo will come on steam after its competitor, the Australia Singapore Cable, which is being built by Vocus. The project had an original completion date of September 2018, but Vocus has said it would be able to go live by July 2018.