According to ARN news, the installations of Indigo Central and West subsea fibre optic cables were completed in December. Indigo Central, which connects Sydney to Perth was completed in December 24, 2018, while Indigo West which connects Singapore to Sydney was completed earlier in December. After the acceptance and commissioning testing, the Indigo Cable is expected to launch for service in early 2019.

The Indigo West Cable connects Singapore, Jakarta and Perths, spanning 4600km. The INDIGO WEST cable landed at Floreat Beach in Perth on September 19, 2018. 

The Indigo Central connects Perth and Sydney through a subsea route. INDIGO Central Cable landed at Coogee Beach in Sydney on October 29, 2018. Optus, a subsidiary of Singtel, is the landing party in Sydney for the INDIGO Central Cable. 

The 9,200km INDIGO cable system, comprising INDIGO West and INDIGO Central, will strengthen links between Australia and the fast-growing South East Asian markets, providing lower latency and enhanced reliability. Using today’s coherent optical technology, the cable’s two-fibre pairs will be able to support up to 36 terabits per second.

Indigo cable route