The final splice of the 4,700km Coral Sea Cable System was completed by Vocus on Friday (27 September 2019) providing a fibre optic cable connection between Australia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands for the first time.

The final splice was conducted aboard cable laying vessel Ile de Brehat, at a point roughly 180km offshore Sydney. The connected cable was then laid on the sea floor at a depth of 4,865m.

Vocus Chief Executive, Enterprise & Government, Andrew Wildblood said the whole business was proud of the quality work the project team continued to deliver.

“The final splice on a subsea cable project is critically important and it’s exciting to have reached another key milestone”, Mr Wildblood said.

“We’re very proud of the technical work our team continues to deliver for the Australian Government,” he said.

The work on the final splice follows the landing of the Coral Sea Cable System at Sydney’s Tamarama Beach on 28 August, where it was connected to power and transmission equipment and Australia’s broader telecommunications network at the nearby cable landing station.

In the coming days, the Ile de Brehat will head to Honiara to commence laying the Solomon Islands Domestic Network – a 730km fibre optic cable system linking Honiara with the key provincial hubs of Auki, Noro and Taro.

Both the Coral Sea Cable System and the Solomon Islands Domestic Network are on track to be ready for service by December 2019.

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