Vocus Communications completed the acquisition of Nextgen Networks for AU$700 million, along with the North West Cable System (NWCS) for AU$134 million and the Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) project for AU$27 million, for a total of AU$861million, in October 2016. 

The Nextgen Networks is one of Australia’s largest national fibre backhaul network and greatly enhances Vocus’ existing infrastructure and offers our customers significant additional network reach and national connectivity.

Prior to the acquisition, Nextgen Networks and Vocus are jointly building the Australia Singapore Cable (ASC) project, based on a 50/50 joint venture. including US$130m to ASN, US$20m payment due on completion of the project to Ontario Teacher Pension Plan and approximately US$20m in civil works, operating costs & ancillary costs during the ASC build period.

The North West Cable System (NWCS) forms a key component to one of Australia’s largest nationwide fibre optic networks, developed by Nextgen Group to provide ultra-speed data networking to the northern and western regions of Australia. The North West Cable System (NWCS)  seamlessly connects offshore O&G facilities in the Browse, Bonaparte and Carnarvon Basins to on shore locations including datacentres and business headquarters, with

  • 2,000km fibre between landing stations Port Hedland and Darwin
  • branching cables and riser cables to the O&G platforms
  • terrestrial optical fibre connectivity

The Vocus network now covers more than 21,000km, connecting capital cities across Australia and to regional areas and connects into more than 5,000 on-net buildings and 19 data centres.

Vocus Network

Source of figure: Vocus