Inligo Networks announced the addition of a branching connection from its Asia Connect Cable (ACC-1) into Davao in the Philippines. Inligo Networks has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PLDT Inc. (PLDT) which will serve the Cable Landing Station (CLS) requirements of the Davao branch.

Inligo’s ACC-1, which stretches from Singapore in the West to Los Angeles, USA in the East, will be one of the highest capacity subsea systems installed between Southeast Asia and the United States, providing much needed connectivity between the rapidly growing economies of Southeast Asia and the United States via an optimized southern route through the Java Sea.

Apart from the Davao branch, the ACC-1 provides a high level of intra-Asian and transpacific connectivity, with confirmed landings in Singapore, Batam, Jakarta, Makassar, Dili, Darwin, Manado, Guam and Los Angeles. Inligo Networks ACC-1 consists of a design capacity of approximately 256Tbps, running via 16 fibre pairs and operating as an open cable system utilizing the next generation WSS ROADM technology – the next-generation Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology allowing highly flexible routing of capacity to any and between any point on the cable system.

Asia Connect Cable
Asia Connect Cable, Image Credit: Inligo Networks


PLDT will construct a new cable landing station in Davao (Davao CLS) to accommodate the landing and will also serve as a termination point for domestic fibre and DWDM networks connecting with the international cable. Express fibre pairs are design to connect Davao directly with Singapore, Jakarta, Guam and Darwin. Omnibus pairs will also land in Davao allow direct wavelength connections to all locations on the network. Expected round trip latency from Davao to Manado (Indonesia) 9 msec, Darwin (Australia) 28 msec, Los Angeles (USA) 134 msec and Guam 32 msec.

PLDT has been active in the subsea cable market, having recently inaugurated the Jupiter cable system, which connects the Philippines to Japan and USA. PLDT also has investments in the Asia Direct Cable system, which runs from Singapore through the South China Sea to Japan; and the APRICOT cable, which is planned to connect the Philippines to Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and Guam; and which are set to be completed in the next two years.

PLDT aims to make the Philippines the next hyperscaler destination of Asia-Pacific. PLDT Davao CLS where ACC-1 will land will be directly connected to PLDT’s robust domestic fiber optic cable facility and network of data centers across the country.