The Pacific City Cable Landing Station (Pacific City CLS) is located at 33395 Cape Kiwanda Drive, Pacific City, Oregon. The Pacific City CLS is owned by Tillamook Lightwave IGA (Tillamook Lightwave), as the cable landing station for Hawaiki Cable System, with its PFE installed at the Pacific City CLS and SLTEs installed at Brookwood Data Center in Hillsboro.

Tillamook Lightwave is an Oregon Revised Statutes Chapter 190 Intergovernmental Agency and is involved in development of telecommunications infrastructure and related programs within Tillamook County, Oregon.

For landing Hawaiki Cable in Oregan, Hawaiki Cable Limited Partnership ("HSC LP") entered into a contractual agreement with Tillamook Lightwave IGA to lease space in their existing Pacific City CLS and to use an existing duct between the beach manhole and the Pacific City CLS. Tillamook Lightwave does not own capacity on Hawaiki Cable, but owns and will manage the Pacific City CLS in Oregon, beach manhole and duct from the beach manhole to the Pacific City CLS on behalf of Hawaiki. Hawaiki Submarine Cable USA, LLC entered into a contract with ACS Cable Systems, LLC (ACS) to provide operations and maintenance services for the Pacific City CLS. ACS is a Delaware limited liability company and an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Alaska Communications Systems Group, Inc., (''Alaska Communications") a Delaware corporation. ACS does not own capacity on Hawaiki Cable as well.

In 2021, Amazon, a member of the Bifrost cable system, selected to land Bifrost cable at the Pacific City CLS. 

There is another cable landing station for NCP and Jupiter cable systems, nearby at the north of the Hawaiki Cable CLS. 

The locations of cable landing sites and cable landing stations in Pacific City are shown in the figure below.


Pacific City Cable Landing Stations
Pacific City Cable Landing Stations and Landing Sites


Station Name:

  • Pacific City Cable Landing Station, or Pacific City CLS


Station Location:

  •  33395 Cape Kiwanda Dr, Cloverdale, OR 97112, USA


Station Owner:

  • Tillamook Lightwave, operated by Astound Business Solutions (Astound)


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Astound, Tillamook Lightwave, etc.


Submarine Cable Systems: