TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Station locates at 21101 NW Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, Oregon, about 150 miles away from the cable landing sites at Nedonna Beach for TGN-Pacific S1 cable and Rockaway Beach for TGN-Pacific S5 cable. The TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Station was a part of the Tyco Global Network originally constructed and operated by Tyco Teelcom. In May 2005, the US FCC granted the transfer of the Tyco Global Network landing station licenses as well as the whole Tyco Global Network to VSNL (currently called as "Tata").

The TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Station is one of the three cable landing stations in Hillsboro city, the others are the landing station for the TPE cable system and the landing station for the Southern Cross cable network and the Northstar Alaska cable system. These three cable landing stations are close to each other, within one mile away.


{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='45.546500'|lon='-122.894064'|zoom='12'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='1'|mapType='Map'|showMaptype='1'|overview='1'|text='TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Site'|tooltip='TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Site'|marker='1'| align='center'|lang=''}


Station Name:

  • TGN Hillsboro Cable Landing Station, or  TGN Hillsboro CLS


Station Owner:


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Tata


Submarine Cable Systems: