Hillsboro Cable Landing Station for Southern Cross Cable Network (North) and Northstar Alaska cables locates at 19720 NW Tanasbourne Dr, Hillsboro, Oregon,with the cable landing site at Monterey Bay.

MFS GLOBENET was granted by FCC the cable landing license for the Southern Cross Cable Network at Monterey Bay (Hillsboro) in 1999. MFS operated the cable landing station as a carrier neutral station, multiple carriers can offer backhaul service at the station. The station is now owned and operated by Verizon Business.

The Hillsboro Cable Landing Station is one of the three cable landing stations in Hillsboro city, incuding one station for the TGN-Pacific cable system, and one station for the TPE cable system as well. These three cable landing stations are close to each other, within one mile away.


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Station Name:

  • Hillsboro Cable Landing Station, or  Hillsboro CLS


Station Owner:

  • Verizon Business


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Verizon Business
  • AboveNet
  • ACS (Alaska Communications Systems)
  • Level 3
  • Time Warner Telecom
  • XO
  • 360Networks
  • etc.


Submarine Cable Systems:


About MSF:

  • MSF (Metropolitan Fiber Systems Inc, or MFS Communications Company), was a last mile provider of business grade telecommunication products such as long distance, and Internet access through its own fiber rings in major central business districts throughout North America and Europe. MFS had three divisions; MFS Telecom: Access, MFS DataNet: X.25, Frame and ATM, and MFS Intelinet: Local and Long Distance voice. MFS purchased UUNET in 1996 and was acquired by WorldCom soon after. With the newly acquired assets, WorldCom became a powerhouse in the late 1990s but fell into financial issues due to bad management from WorldCom executives. And WorldCom (known as MCI then) was acquired by Verizon Business in 2006. The majority of the Legacy MFS Executives (through the help of Kiewit and other investors) started another company, Level 3 Communications.