Hermosa Beach Cable Landing Station (Hermosa Beach CLS) is owned by RTI Insfrastructure Inc. (now doing business as HMB IX), designed to land multiple cables and offer colocation space.

In December 2015, Mr. Russell Matulich (Matulich) incorporated MC Global BP4, Inc. in California, which was renamed RTI Insfrastructure Inc. (RTI-I) in March 2017. RTI-I used to be one of a series member companies under RTI Group, a California general partnership, doing business as RTI Cables, with Matulich as CEO.

Due to the disputes and lawsuit cases between member companies and partners, RTI Group was seperated in 2021. The owner of the Hermosa Beach cable landing facilities rebranded it as HMB IX.

Located at Hermosa Beach, south of Los Angeles International Airport,  Hermosa Beach CLS is an ideal location to land a submarine cable and to extend the cable systems to downtown Los Angeles through multiple dark fiber routes.

With a capacity of 600kW, Hermosa Beach CLS can accommodate 6 submarine cable systems and provide colocation services

There are different landing points spread out north to south of Hermosa Beach. Cables land through HDD bore pipes and Beach Manholes. 

Hermosa Beach CLS is cable landing station for SEA-US, Jupiter, Southern Cross NEXT and HKA and other cables.