Coresite LA2 Data Center is a carrier neutral data center owned by Coresite, the owner of One Wilshire data center (also known as Coresite LA1). 

Coresite LA2 is selected as terminal station for the Jupiter cable system. The terminal equipment for all of JUPITER’s fiber pairs will be installed at CoreSite LA2 data center.

The Jupiter cable lands at Hermosa Beach Cable Landing Station where houses PFE for Jupiter. NTT America is the landing party for Hermosa Beach landing in the US

NTT America entered into an agreement with RTI-I granting NTT America an IRU for RTI-I’s beach manhole and one of its bore pipes at Hermosa Beach and for a conduit connecting the beach manhole with RTI-I’s existing, highly-secure, and purpose-built Hermosa Beach Cable Landing Station. Under the contemplated agreement, RTI-I grants to NTT America a long-term lease for collocation space for power feed equipment in RTI-I’s cable landing station space. 

NTT America has exclusive control over the power feed equipment. NTT America retains operational authority over the JUPITER landing facilities at Hermosa Beach and provide direction to RTI-I in all matters relating to JUPITER.