Brookwood Data Center in Hillsboro, Oregon is carrier neutral data center owned by Flexential.

Brookwood Data Center is now the terminal station for New Cross Pacific (NCP), Hawaiki Cable and Jupiter, housing SLTEs of the cables.

The PFE of Hawaiki cable system is installed at Pacific City cable landing station owned by Tillamook Lightwave, an Oregon Intergovernmental Agency. Tillamook Lightwave also provides terrestrial infrastructure, including conduit from the beach manhole to the landing station. The PFEs of NCP and Jupiter are installed at another cable landing station in Pacific City.

Hawaiki, Jupiter and NCP use the same two backhaul routes from Pacific City to Hillsboro, provided by CoastCom. In 2016, Wave Broadband acquired CoastCom. In October 2017, Wave Broadband completed the build of 97-mile Nestucca Route backhaul network linking the undersea cable landing stations in Pacific City, Oregon, to six nearby data centers. Businesses connected to the fiber ring or the landing station can now leverage Wave’s 7,500 miles of fiber network to transmit data along the West Coast in Washington, Oregon, and California.

Flexential customers will have direct access to NCPHawaiki Cable and Jupiter using a simple cross connect. Also, the cable will provide access to international telecom carriers.  In addition, customers in other Hillsboro-area data centers may access NCPHawaiki Cable and Jupiter via metro cross-connects on the Coastcom Hillsboro Data Center Fiber Ring.

CoastCom Hillsboro Data Center Fiber Ring

Oregon is the home of hyperscale cloud computing on the US west coast, and Hillsboro is the fiber optic hub where the networks of all major cloud computing companies and internet service providers converge and interconnect. Hawaiki selected Peak 10 + ViaWest because of its long experience in the Hillsboro market.

Oregon offers one of the lowest business tax rates in the U.S., along with added attractive business tax incentives, credits and abatement programs. As a terminal station for NCPHawaiki Cable and Jupiter, the Brookwood data center serves as a geographic gateway to conduct business within Asia Pacific.

The Brookwood data center features: 

  • 116,559-square-foot data center footprint (114,700-square-foot expansion underway)
  • 6 MW gross UPS capacity; 2(N+1) UPS redundancy
  • N+1 cooling redundancy
  • 100% SLA on power, network and bandwidth
  • 100 Gbps network backbone, scalable to 400 Gbps
  • 5-zone security access