Kahe Point Cable Landing Site lies within Kahe Point Beach Park, along the southwest coast of the Island of Oahu. The Kahe Point Cable Landing Station is now the cable landing station for the Southern Cross Cable Network and other interisland cables.


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Station Name:

  • Kahe Point Cable Landing Station, or Kahe Point CLS


Station Owner:

  • PCL(Pacific Carriage Limited) , Verizon Business, GTE


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • PCL, Verizon Business, Hawaii Telecom, Time Warner, etc.


Submarine Cable Systems:


About PCL

PCL(Pacific Carriage Limited) is a Delaware company, 100% subsidiary of Pacific Carriage Holdings Limited Inc.(PCHL) which is also a Delaware company.

PCL and PCHL was established in 1998, as a sister company of  Southern Crosss Cables Limited (SCCL) for the Southern Cross Cable Network porject, owned by Spark NZ (50%), Singtel-Optus (40%) and Verizon Business (10%). 

In 1999, the FCC granted MFSI’s request for a pro forma assignment of the Hawaiian cable landing facilities from MFSI to MFSG (both are subsidiaries of Verizon Business). MFSI also requested that the FCC modify the license to permit PCL to be the licensee for the landing station facilities in Hawaii and for MFSG to be the licensee for the landing station facilities in California (i.e., the Nedonna Beach Cable Landing Station).

In 2018, Telstra acquired 25% stake in SCCL and PCL and substantial capacity on both the existing Southern Cross Cable Network and the new Southern Cross NEXT subsea cable. As a result, the ownership of PCL becomes Spark New Zealand (38.12%), SingTel Optus (30.49%) and Verizon Business (6.40%).