GNC iX Cable Landing Station is the first combined neutral Cable Landing Station (CLS) and Data Center (DC) in Piti, Guam, owned by Gateway Network Connections, LLC (GNC).

GNC Cable Landing Station is a purpose-built facility with 11,800-square-foot (1,096 square meter) Type 3 designed data center, with approximately 250 racks of capacity and 2 Megawatts of power. GNC is engineered to withstand Category 5 Hurricane conditions and tsunami flooding.

GNC iX, Image courtesy: GTA


In 2019, TeleGuam Holdings, LLC (“GTA”) and RTI Group established a joint venture, Gateway Network Connections LLC (GNC), to build the GNC iX data center and cable landing station. Registered in Guam as a limited liability company, GNC was 51% owned by Asia Connectivity Elements, Inc. (“ACE”), and 49% owned by TeleGuam Holdings, LLC (“GTA”). ACE,  a Singapore company and a member company under RTI Group, was controlled by Mr. Russell Matulich (as CEO), Brett Lay (Lay) and Brian Mass (Mass). Lay and Mass were Matulich's close business partners under RTI Group which controlled GNC in turn. In December 2020, Lay and Mass sold all their stocks in ACE to another shareholder which is independent of RTI Group. In 2021, RTI Group were separated due to lawsuit cases betwee its member companies and close partners. RTI Cables, part of legacy RTI Group and controlled by Matulich, lost its control over the GNC iX data center and cable landing station, as well as Hermosa Beach Cable Landing Station (now HMB IX), which was another critical facilities under RTI Group. 

GTA is now the largest shareholder of GNC and controls the GNC iX data center and cable landing station.

The GNC iX is located adjacent to GTA’s Piti-I CLS.

GNC iX houses JGA NorthJGA SouthHK-G (withdrawn), while Piti-I CLS houses the Southeast Asia-United States Cable System (SEA-US).

JGA North, JGA South, SEA-US interconnects with each other at GNC’s neutral facility, and GTA’s network across Guam allows for seamless connectivity between GNC and other cable landing stations in Guam.