GNC facility is the first combined neutral Cable Landing Station (CLS) and Data Center (DC) in Piti, Guam, owned by Gateway Network Connections, LLC (GNC). GNC is a joint venture of RTI and Teleguam Holdings,LLC (GTA), while RTI has the majority control over GNC.

GNC is an 11,800-square-foot (1,096 square meter) Type 3 designed data center with approximately 250 racks of capacity and 2 Megawatts of power. The purpose-built facility is engineered to withstand Category 5 Hurricane conditions and tsunami flooding.


The GNC building will be located adjacent to GTA’s Piti-I CLS, where the Southeast Asia-United States Cable System (SEA-US) lands.

JGA NorthJGA SouthHK-GSEA-US and SxS will interconnect with each other at GNC’s neutral facility, and GTA’s network across Guam will allow for seamless connectivity between GNC and other active cables landed on Guam.