The Wall Township Cable Landing Station is located at 1400 Wall Church Road, Wall Township, New Jersey, 07719, adjacent to NJFX cable landing station at 1410 Wall Church Road. The Wall Township CLS is owned by Tata Communications (America) Inc., houses TGN Atlantic, and Seabras-1 cable systems.


NJFX and Tata CLS
NJFX and Tata CLS


Tata's Wall Township CLS and NJFX have been partnering to form the NJFX cable landing station campus

NJFX is now the cable landing station for HAVFRUE/AEC2, and WALL-LI, an undersea link between New Jersey and New York. 

NJFX operates two separate, interconnected MMR facilities: one inside Tata's Wall Township CLS, and the other inside its own datacenter/colocation facility, providing direct access on this campus for any and all to interconnect without recurring cross-connect fees. Having multiple physical subsea sea cables interconnecting with multiple backhaul fiber providers facilitates the most reliable global network architecture available.

NJFX and Telxius have partnered and contracted Windstream to create a terrestrial fiber-optic network connection between NJFX cabling landing station (CLS) campus and Telxius' Virginia Beach cable landing station campus where houses  MAREABRUSA and Dunant cable systems. 

NJFX and Virginia Beach are two hot locations for subsea cables landing in the East Coast of the US.