Lynn Cable Landing Station (Lynn CLS) is located at 91 Commercial Street, Lynn, MA 01905, USA.

The Lynn CLS was owned and operated by Hibernia Atlantic U.S. LLC (also konwn as Hibernia Networks), which held both domestic and international Section 214 authority (FCC 214 License) and a submarine cable landing license in the US.

In January 2017, GTT acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares, and therefore the control, of Hibernia NGS Limited and each of its subsidiaries. Hibernia Atlantic U.S. LLC is one of the subsidiaries soly owned by Hibernia NGS Limited.

In September 2021, I Squared Capital, an infrastructure private equity firm, acquired GTT's Communications’ infrastructure division for an initial $1.74bn in cash, and renamed the newly independent operating company EXA Infrastructure. The GTT Atlantic and GTT Express, as part of assets covered by the acquisition, are now renamed as EXA Atlantic (EXA South and EXA North) and EXA Express which now connects the Lynn CLS with the Halifax CLS in Cananda and across the Atlantic Ocean to the Unite Kingdom.

Facebook, as the landing party in the U.S. for the Amitié cable system, will land the Amitié system at the Lynn CLS.


Station Name:

  • Lynn Cable Landing Station, Lynn CLS


Station Location:

  • 91 Commercial Street, Lynn, MA 01905, USA (42°27'33"N   70°57'38"W)


Station Owner:

  • EXA Infrastructure (formerly GTT)


Available Backhaul Provider:

  • EXA Infrastructure (formerly GTT)


Submarine Cable System: