Lynn Cable Landing Station (Lynn CLS) is located at 91 Commercial Street, Lynn, MA 01905, USA.

The Lynn CLS is owned and operated by GTT as cable landing station for its private subsea cable GTT Atlantic (formerly Hibernia Atlantic). GTT Atlantic connects the Lynn CLS with the Halifax CLS in Cananda, and crosses the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland and the Unite Kingdom.

Facebook, as the landing party in the U.S. for the Amitié cable system, will land the Amitié system at the Lynn CLS.

Lynn Cable Landing Station
Lynn Cable Landing Station


Station Name:

  • Lynn Cable Landing Station, Lynn CLS


Station Location:

  • 91 Commercial Street, Lynn, MA 01905, USA (42°27'33"N   70°57'38"W)


Station Owner:

  • GTT


Available Backhaul Provider:

  • GTT


Submarine Cable System: