The Brookhaven Cable Landing Station (Brookhaven CLS) is located at Brookhaven, Shirley, Long Island, New York.

The Brookhaven CLS was built by Global Crossing through its subidiary GT Landing Corp., for the landing of AC-1 (Atlantic Crossing 1) in 1998. And the Mid-Atlantic Crossing (MAC) was landed at the Brookhaven CLS in 2000.

There is another cable landing station at Bellport, Long Island, which was owned and operated by Level3 as the cable landing station for the AC-2/Yellow cable system.

Both cable landing stations at Brookhaven are now owned and operated by CenturyLink. 

Vodafone (formerly Cable & Wireless) has a cable landing station at Parr Property, Brookhaven Technology Center, Shirley, New York, as the landing station for its Apollo cable system.